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Stories without borders, The Guanajuato International Film Festival is present at Cannes

The presence of GIFF at the Cannes Film Festival is strengthened every year due to a close relationship that GIFF has built with the emblematic French festival, considered the most important one in the world.

GIFF will participate in the 70th edition of this film festival in the French Riviera by bringing a selection of the best short films from its previous edition in Cannes' Short Film Corner, a space dedicated to the sale, exhibition and distribution of short films.

The selection we're bringing to Cannes includes three out of the six documentaries that were part of the 2016 Identity and Belonging competition, which were made by young talent from Guanajuato who display the daily life and cultural richness of their state, as well as the short film that won the 8th Annual 48-Hour Collegiate Rally. These documentaries have already has a successful run in film festivals all over the world.

We will also present six short films that were part of GIFF's 2016 Official Selection.

GIFF selection shortfilms present in Cannes:


11 min, 2016
Director: Dalia Huerta Cano, Iván Puig
Producer: Karla Uribe
Production Company: Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía (IMCINE)


A rural science fiction story about extinction, narrated by an individual that is the last of its kind.

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Domingo / Sunday

7 min, 2016
Director: Erika Oregel Espinoza


Two women, mother and daughter, are getting ready to hear the sunday’s mass over the radio, a ritual they repeat every Sunday.

Nina Rodriguez

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Dobro / Fine

15 min, 2016.
Director: Marta Hernaiz Pidal
Producers: Jorge Bolado, Marta Hernaiz Pidal, Emina Ganić
Production Company: Cine Vendaval, SFA Film.factory


Because a plate of Gulash tastes better with company. Mira, a Romani woman, decides to sit and rest at the front entrance of Selma´s block of flats. Selma notices her and becomes annoyed by the situation. She will try everything to kick Mira out, but she will refuse by only answering her with the word fine. These two women will start a fight that can only end well.

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Los gatos / The Cats

9.12 min, 2016.
Director: Alejandro Ríos
Producer: César Moheno Plá
Production Company: Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía (IMCINE)


An alley cat meets an old man that will change his life forever. Delighted by his wonderful new home, everything seems normal between tenderness and milk. Love is a complex feeling. All secrets hide behind every door of a warm home.

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Impar / Odd

7 min, 2016.
Director: Rafael Ruiz Espejo
Producer: César Moheno Plá
Production Company: Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía (IMCINE)


An old sock falls in love with a handsome young man and tries to get his attention, but it’s a sock without a pair.

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Nina Rodriguez

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Aurelia y Pedro / Aurelia and Pedro

15.55 min, 2016.
Directors: José Permar, Omar Robles
Producers: Boris Goldenblank, Gabriela Ruvalcaba
Production Company: Fundación Universidad de Guadalajara, Departamento de Imagen y Sonido, Tardígrada


Short episodes of Aurelia and Pedro´s daily life, a mother and her son that live isolated from the modern world in a small hut in the mountains of the Wixarica mountain rage. They complement each other through their daily work while Pedro is growing up and becoming aware of the world moving beyond what he knows so far.

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Identity program + College GIFF Rally present in Cannes:

Sangre de mi tierra (Blood of My Land) | Luis Ángel Saldaña Ramírez

Destinos entretejidos (Interwoven Destinies) | Luis Adrián Bedolla

En tus zapatos (In Your Shoes) | Elizabeth de Jesús Torres

¿Cómo fue tu día hoy? (How Was Your Day Today?) | Alejandro Mayorquín

Mexicans present at Cannes

GIFF will once again be accompanied by 8 filmmakers who will promote their respective projects at the Short Film Corner. We will present them to various distributors and festivals from all over the world and support them at the most important International Film Festival.

“It's very important for the filmmakers to aaccompany their work at the festival. Promotion is important so these stories can travel all over the world and the filmmakers themselves face an extraordinary opportunity to network and promote their next projects. If they can do it here, they can do it anywhere”, said Sarah Hoch.

Mexicannes: New talents of world cinema at GIFF

Celebrating an exclusive 10-year alliance that GIFF has maintained with Cannes' Cinefondation , Sarah Hoch, executive director of GIFF, will meet with 12 filmmakers selected by Cannes that will travel to Guanajuato after their residency in PAris to attend the MexiCannes Residency Program, which takes place during GIFF.

Cinefondation is the section of Cannes that pushes new film talent and chooses 12 filmmakers that are labelled as "future promises of world cinema" to support them with consultations and connections with the international cinema elite.

Durante suDuring thair stay in Mexico within the 20th edition of GIFF, the selected filmmakers of the Mexicannes program will seek for Mexico to co-produce with their country of origin.

• Lukas Dhont | Belgium

• Cenk Erturk | Turkey

• Takeshi Fukunaga | Japan

• Mees Peijnenburg | The Netherlands

• Myrsini Aristidou | Cyprus

• Caroline Monnet | Canada

• Zeno Graton | Belgium

• Anwar Boulifa | U.K.

• Joao Paulo Miranda Maria | Brazil

• Carlo Sironi | Italy

• Rati Tsiteladze | Georgia

• QIU Yang | China

GIFF, in search of more international alliances.

As part of its commitment to promoting the Mexican film industry, GIFF will host the annual Happy Hour cocktail that is now a tradition of the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival and which will take place on May 23 during this edition.

The objective of this meeting is to create alliances with a variety of film institutions all over the world, as well as strengthen bonds with executives, producers, distributors and other industry professionals with the goal of promoting Mexican cinema and its new talents.

GIFF is avant-garde with virtual reality and new technology.

With its Epicenter program, GIFF is a pioneer in exploring technological advances and applying them to cinema. This is why GIFF will be present at Next Pavilion, a space dedicated to new technologies at Marché Du Film.

With a wide agenda of activities that seek to promote new talents of Mexican cinema and the Mexican Film Industry, GIFF celebrates one more year of its close relationship with the most prestigious cinematic encounter in the world: the Cannes International Film Festival.

Mexico in Cannes
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