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Ideally located in the Riviera, at the crossroads of the Marché du Film’s foot traffic, the Doc Corner is an all-in-one professional networking & business-making platform, 100% focuser on non-fiction. It is designed for promoting theatrical documentary features, selling / picking-up exclusive new titles, developing your projects, garnering expertise and tutoring, expanding your network, and interacting with a wide range of documentary film professionals.

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New to the programme is the first ever Doc Day, highlighting impactful documentaries, the event on Tuesday May 23rd, in Cannes. Save the date!

La búsqueda

Director and writer: Anaïs Huerta
Producers: Anaïs Huerta, Raúl Cuesta


When my father was born in 1946 my grandmother decided to give him the name of her disappeared brother, Felix who had died at 27 years of age. He was killed by fascist militias during the civil war. At that same age, during the dictatorship, my father left Spain.

After 40 years out of the country, and during his process of retirement, he has decided to return to Spain to discover what really happened to his uncle, and where his body lies.

I decided to help him and film our journey through France, Spain and Mexico. A search to find out, one day, if we could open the mass grave where my granduncle's body lies, but also to know what my father and I would inherit from this past, this strange link passing on from generation to generation.

A heritage that drove me to file a complaint in January 2016 from Mexico with Amnesty International for my grand uncle's enforced disappearance, a crime against humanity and therefore sanctioned by any country recognizing the principle of universal jurisdiction.


The film follows the search being carried out by the director of the movie and her father in France, Spain and Mexico to find information about his uncle, who disappeared during the Spanish Civil War- delving into the past and present of their country, of their family, and of their own lives.

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Una corriente salvaje

Director and writer: Nuria Ibañez Castañeda
Producers:Nuria Ibañez Castañeda, Romy Tatiana Graullera


In the middle of nowhere, two men struggle to survive relying on each other. Everything they had constructed together slowly starts to fall apart when the seed of mistrust is planted in one of them.

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