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Un Certain Regard

The Official Selection is made up of Un Certain Regard and In Competition, and puts emphasis on works regarded as being original and unusual from both an aesthetic and narrative point of view.

April´s Daughter / Las hijas de Abril

93 min, 2017
Director: Michel Franco
Producers: Michel Franco, Lorenzo Vigas, Moisés Zonana
Production Company:Lucía Films

Official Screenings, Un Certain Regard

April’s daughter

Saturday May 20 th – 14:30 – Debussy
Thursday May 25 t– 14:00 – Debussy
Friday May 26 th – 15:00 (or 15:15 PM) – Bazin


Valeria is 17 and pregnant. She lives in Puerto Vallarta with Clara, her half sister. Valeria has not wanted her long-absent mother, April, to find out about her pregnancy, but due to the economic strain and the overwhelming responsibility of having a baby in the house, Clara decides to call their mother. April arrives, willing to her daughters, but we soon understand why Valeria had wanted her to stay away.

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